Change, Remote Working, the Return to the Office, the Great Resignation… do you find it’s becoming increasingly hard to keep up?

When it comes to employees, company culture and gauging how your people are feeling, it can feel like the ground is constantly shifting.

We’re all feeling challenged and maybe even slightly frustrated but above all we’re feeling uncertain. The world of work is almost unrecognisable from 2 years ago.

Remote working has created opportunities for us to work differently and in many cases, that can mean working better. But it also means we can face additional risks.

Because employees are now more mobile and considering we’re all hearing about the Great Attrition, many employers are getting worried.

So, it’s never been more important to be informed, understand how your employees are feeling and become more agile and reactive to ensure your company’s success.

The end of most of the Covid 19 restrictions last month took many of us by surprise. And the Return to Work Post Covid is now posing new difficulties as one of our multinational clients discovered. Their challenge was to maintain their Culture and support continued productivity.

We’re all navigating what feels like never ending change so the need for a tool that gauges and supports culture and engagement as well as the ability to include a medium for review and insight to support that change is vital.

At 3SIXTY, we have developed ‘Pulse Check’ – a tool we use to assess the mood and sentiment of staff within an organisation.

Its results support the design and delivery of key enhancements that help deliver stronger engagement and better communications within your organisation.

Our first challenge with our multinational client was to ascertain what the impact of Covid 19 and working from home was having on their employees, processes and productivity. What challenges would they face going forward for talent acquisition and retention, and how would they maintain a high level of performance, development and wellbeing for their people in a future model?

Through a mix of staff surveying and 1:1 sessions with key staff we built a collective understanding of the experience over the past 18 months. We focussed on the challenges faced when managing people remotely and maintaining engagement and productivity. We followed this up with facilitated sessions with key leaders.

By analysing what would be the best approach for each team, what were the constraints and opportunities we were able to build a structure for a future model and what supports would be needed.

The Pulse Check survey also examines the impacts of your work environment on employees in their ability to be productive as well as their wellbeing.

Pulse Check provides a tone check within your team at regular intervals which ensures your strategies are working and that your employees are responding positively.

3SIXTY will work with your company and help you to:

  1. Design your survey questions
  2.  Help you to review and sign off
  3. Issue the survey to employees and
  4. Analyse the results
  5. Provide a Roadmap for delivery
  6. Support with implementation to ensure success

Employees want to feel heard, be aligned with company values and have a stronger sense of belonging. So, now more than ever, it’s time to listen and respond. Find out more about 3SIXTY’s Pulse Check by contacting us online or email



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