Maximising Efficiency, Culture and Shareholder Value

Sector: Business Process Outsourcing

Result: 15% Improvement in EBITDA

Operational Improvement

Sector: Manufacturing, Packaging

Result: Identified €3.4m in annual
cost savings

Releasing Production Capacity

Sector: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Result: 8% increase in output. Equivalent to “13th month” in terms of annual production

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Sector: Manufacturing

Result: 35% margin improvement in Yr 1.

Building a Sales Platform for
International Growth

Sector: Business Process Outsourcing

Result: Built 11m revenue line. Created
beach-head of future growth. 

Leadership Development &
Performance Management

Sector: Financial Services

Result: 12.5% improvement in Service Levels. 70% reduction in staff turnover.

Developing a Platform to Manage
Suppliers Globally

Sector: Technology, Manufacturing

Result: Delivered $3m in annual
cost savings.

Warehousing Strategy to
Support Growth

Sector: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Result: $7m cost avoidance identified.
Result: $7m cost avoidance identified.

Leadership Development to Support
Customer Service & Growth

Sector: Health Insurance

Result: 80% reduction in need to recruit externally for managers.

Growth Strategy Development
Operational Expertise to Support

Sector: Business Process Outsourcing

Result: Improved structure and routines across all Sales & Marketing activities.

Process Excellence to
Support Growth

Sector: FinTech

Result: Redesigned processes to resolve root-causes of operational issues.

Leadership Development to support 5-star Customer Service

Sector: Hospitality

Result: Increased effectiveness of Managers as “people leaders”

Operational Expertise to
Support Ramp-up

Sector: Healthcare, Government Services

Result: Implemented required structures & processes while ramping upthe operation.

Integrated Business Planning
to Support Growth

Sector: eCommerce

Result: Implemented standardised approaches across Planning/Supply Chain.

Building Leadership Alignment
on Vision & Goals

Sector: Medtech

Result: Leadership team now fully aligned on Vision and Goals.

Technology Transfer to
Support Growth

Sector: Manufacturing, Animal Nutrition

Result: Standardised approach to technology transfer.

Culture, Employee Engagement &
Employer Brand

Sector: Tech Products

Result: Recognition of Ireland as “culture of choice” by Group CEO.

Process Optimisation, Scaling
for Growth

Sector: Medtech

Result: Financial savings for our client, our client’s client and the end consumer.