Background & The Client Challenge

The client was a Medtech business which had experienced a period of rapid growth.

While alignment at senior leadership level appeared strong, in reality, it was quite weak.

This lack of real alignment was seen as hampering the future growth of the business.

What we did

We conducted an intensive strategy probing exercise with the senior leadership team. This exercise was designed to identify the real goals of each them as individuals and what they wanted for the company.

The outputs of this session were collated, assessed and fed back to each member of the group individually for their comments and suggestions.

The updated outputs were then assessed and mapped against (a) the company vision and goals (b) the individual goals and (c) the needs as individuals perceived them for the company.


This exercise resulted in a properly aligned (and fully committed to) vision and set of goals for the company supported by a specifically tailored accountability process to ensure all members of the Senior Leadership Team continue to stay focused and responsible to one another for delivering the Vision and Goals.

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