Background & the Client Challenge

The client, a large Health Insurance provider, was experiencing Customer Service issues as a result of high staff turnover and delays in replacing managers.

The culture of the organisation was inconsistent across departments so support was required to build a strong, unifying leadership culture.

3SIXTY was engaged to help design and implement an improvement plan to resolve these issues.

What We Did

We began by working with the on-site team to build an Emerging Leader Academy.

As part of this, we identified the competencies and behaviours required to grow and empower new leaders in the business.

We developed and implemented a multi-dimensional assessment process to identify the emerging leaders and we created a mentoring programme to support them.


  • 80% reduction in the need to recruit externally for Managers due to the success of the Emerging Leader Academy

  • Culture at department level, which had been heavily influenced by the personality of individual managers, now reflected the culture of the organisation

  • Career progression now seen as attainable and real resulting in improved employee engagement

  • This improved engagement resulted in improved customer service levels (this was tracked and measured over a 12-month period)

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