Background & the Client Challenge

The client was a family-run business in the Financial Services space. The client had always had a major focus on client service. Having gone through a period of impressive growth, some “growing pains” were being felt. These were centred around employee motivation and performance.

While there was a very high level of trust among managers and employees, there was very little structured, formal focus on managing performance.

The client was experiencing a high level of turnover of staff in junior roles.

The client engaged 3SIXTY to develop and implement an improvement plan.

What We Did

We implemented a custom-made Leadership Development programme to up-skill Managers. Very often, we find that people who are technically very strong get rewarded for their performance by becoming managers without having any experience of managing people. In these situations, we see our role as being about giving these new people managers the tools they need to do their jobs.

We re-designed and re-launched the Employee Performance Development process, ensuring all stakeholders understood what success looked like and their role in achieving this.

We designed and ran an Employee Survey as well as conducting a number of focus groups to identify the root causes of staff turnover and we incorporated this (anonymized) feedback into the Leadership Development programme.


  • 12.5% improvement in Service Levels within 3 months

  • 22% increase in Employee Engagement score

  • Significant improvement in management capability and behaviours when it came to giving performance-related feedback

  • 70% reduction in staff turnover

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