Background & The Client Challenge

The client is involved in the manufacture and sale of organic wellness products, was scaling for growth and engaged 3SIXTY to assist in process optimisation and Master Planning.

The client’s primary objective was to get visibility across their supply chain while also ensuring that the right level of inventory was available to meet customer demands.

What we did

3SIXTY worked closely with the client’s management team to understand the flows of their business. The client had pivoted from partnership with a number of high-street retailers to an ecommerce model due to Covid-19. This resulted in more risk and volatility entering the supply chain.

In response to the client’s requirements, we developed an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution.

We calculated the total acquisition cost of all inbound shipments which allowed us give the client visibility on the actual Cost of Goods Sold as well as the Gross Margin for each product number.

We also built a supply and demand platform for the client. By mapping the demand profile by each product that the client expects to sell across the next 12 – 18 months, we were able to create a trigger for procurement and a trigger production plans.

This closed loop platform has linked customer demand, production and supplier demand and enables the client to do robust financial modelling for a 12-18-month horizon.


  • Our work with this client provided the founder with significantly improved visibility of critical areas of their business

  • Standardised approach to Integrated Business Planning

  • Standardised approach to measuring profitability by individual part sold

  • Standardised approach to Demand forecasting

  • Standardised approach to production and supply chain planning

  • Standardised Approach to financial forecasting

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