Background & the Client Challenge

The owner of the business, a leading global manufacturer and distributer of innovative packaging solutions, felt that its France-based facility was more efficient than the Irish operation and was considering moving work done in Ireland to France.

3SIXTY was asked to do an operational review of the Irish site and identify areas for operational improvement as well as alternative future directions for the Irish business to take.

This was a politically sensitive situation given the location of the client and the potential for job losses.

As well as identifying operational efficiencies and alternatives for the future of the Irish business, a key part of our involvement was to support and motivate the team of employee representatives in building out a viable survival plan.

What We Did

The first thing we did was engage with the team of Employee reps and ensured they were motivated for the journey ahead.

We worked with the team, via workshops and one-to-one sessions, to identify and validate both areas for operational improvement and viable alternative directions for the future of the Irish operation.

In parallel, our Process Excellence team conducted a detailed operational review to identify areas for improvement and associated financial savings.

We brought structure to the process by way of effective project management and governance to ensure the engagement stayed on track while up against an aggressive delivery timeline.

We coached & mentored the team to ensure they were well-placed to deliver when 3SIXTY’s involvement concluded.

We built out a plan which identified €3.4m in savings for the Irish business.


  • Built trust quickly with the team which allowed us hit-the-ground running

  • Identified €3.4m in cost savings (against an annual running cost of €15.5m currently)

  • Lower supply chain costs

  • Shorter lead time for customers

  • Lower operational costs

  • Reduced work-in-progress level of stock with resultant working capital improvements

  • Delivered all of our objectives against an aggressive timeline where multiple stakeholders needed to be brought on a challenging journey

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