Background & the Client Challenge

Global Shares, an award-winning FinTech and a global provider of equity compensation management solutions for some of the best-known companies in the world, had experienced significant growth over a relatively short period of time which was resulting in a number of operational challenges.

Certain processes were not working as well as they needed to be. This was leading to inefficiencies brought about by too much manual intervention, which, in turn, was having a negative impact on productivity. In looking at these areas, Global Shares asked the question “how can we work better?”.

Global Shares understood that failing to tackle the issues could result in unhappy customers, potentially the loss of some customers, damage to reputation and, ultimately, an inability to deliver service efficiently. The business understood there was a need for suitably-qualified external support to start resolving issues ASAP so 3SIXTY was brought in.

What We Did

Having initially worked across a number of areas of what is a highly-complex business, it was jointly agreed that 3SIXTY would focus on the area of Payments.

“3SIXTY’s ability to add value to the process became very obvious very quickly” according to Stuart Sloan, Chief Process Officer at Global Shares, who worked closely with 3SIXTY’s Head of Process Excellence, Aidan Magner, on this project.

“This needed to be looked at in a holistic fashion. A project management approach was required and 3SIXTY brought that” continued Stuart Sloan. “This was a Process Improvement Project. We needed someone to come in, engage effectively with the team, quickly understand the processes in what is a surprisingly complex business and, ultimately, make those processes better. Not only in terms of procedural improvement but also technological improvement. 3SIXTY helped us in identifying where we were seeing failures, understanding why these failures were occurring and putting appropriate remedies in place”.

“3SIXTY brought disciplined, analytical and empirical thinking to helping resolve these challenges. Their data-driven approach helped us understand precisely where the problems were. Additionally, 3SIXTY helped redesign processes which were improvements on the way certain tasks had previously been done”.


  • Resolved underlying operational issues by redesigning processes

  • Help client understand precisely where the problems were

  • Identified why these failures were occurring

  • Put appropriate remedies in place

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