Elevating Success – Leadership Development and Performance Management

Background & the Client Challenge

The client was a long-established, forward-thinking Financial Services business which had always prioritised customer service.

Having successfully navigated an impressive period of growth, the client recognised that the business was experiencing what they described themselves as “growing pains”. Particularly in the areas of employee motivation and performance management.

The client saw that a gap existed in terms of structured performance management and that this was leading to significant turnover of people in the organisation.

Recognising the need to intervene and resolve this, the CEO and their Leadership Team partnered with 3SIXTY to develop and implement a tailored improvement plan.

Ambitious for the growth of the business to continue, the CEO and Leadership team also understood the critical importance of bringing their people with them on this journey.

What We Did

Embracing the challenge head-on, we formed a cross-company team set about designing a a bespoke Leadership Development programme. This programme was aimed at equipping Managers with the “people management” skills necessary to be more effective in their roles.

Acknowledging that technical or operational skills alone do not guarantee success as a “Manager”, our focus was on empowering new Managers to excel in their roles.

Simultaneously, we worked hand-in-hand with the client to revitalised the existing Employee Performance Development process. Our focus here was ensuring everyone had clarity on success metrics and understood their own role in achieving them.

To delve deeper into the root causes of staff turnover, we designed and conducted an Employee Survey as well as facilitating a number of focus groups. The anonymised feedback gleaned from these initiatives became integral to refining the Leadership Development programme. Listening to their people, and being seen to act on what these people were saying played a significant role in boosting morale across the business. With a more engaged workforce supporting them, the CEO and leadership team were even better placed to lead the business into the next phase of growth.


“Our collaboration with 3SIXTY has empowered us not just to meet but exceed our goals. The guys at 3SIXTY got to understand our business really quickly. They engaged with people in the right way, and this made a huge difference. They provided valuable insights as well as really practical recommendations for things we could action straight away to make improvements”


By recognising it was experiencing “growing pains” and taking the decision to bring in some external support to help design and implement a comprehensive improvement plan, the client was able to:

  • Achieve a remarkable 12.5% improvement in service levels within just three months.
  • See an outstanding 22% increase in the Employee Engagement score, signifying a renewed commitment to the organisation’s purpose, vision and mission.
  • Benefit from notable enhancements in management capability and behaviours related to providing performance-related feedback.
  • Achieve a staggering 70% reduction in staff turnover, solidifying the foundation for sustained growth

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