Empowering Cultural Excellence, Employee Engagement and Employer Brand

Background & the Client Challenge

In the ever-evolving world of tech product design and manufacturing, our client, a global leader, confronted distinct challenges. The Ireland site, traditionally focused on manufacturing, had in recent years been transformed with the growth of specialised departments. This led to a multitude of international reporting lines.

The Site Leader recognised that these changes, while understandable, represented a risk to the site’s once-cohesive culture.

At the same time, continuing to attract top-tier talent posed an increasing challenge for the site.

The Site Leader decided to bring in 3SIXTY to support them in preserving the original culture while also overcoming talent acquisition hurdles.

What We Did

The client knew an off-the-shelf solution wasn’t going to work. We worked in partnership with the Site Leader and key members of the site leadership team to design and launch a tailor-made culture programme, with a focus on:

  • Crafting a site strategy to embed, nourish, and cultivate the existing high-performance culture, safeguarding the site’s distinct competitive advantage.
  • Unifying the site leadership team, clarifying the current culture, and envisioning a future state.
  • Engaging the entire employee population as they played their part in “owning” this transformative journey of organisational culture and excellence.
  • Implementing impactful plans for sustainable and progressive change, fostering organisational agility to meet future challenges effectively.


In this collaborative journey, the client actively shaped and preserved their cultural identity, securing a competitive edge. This strategic alignment not only strengthened the organisation internally but also positioned the Irish site as a cultural centre-of-excellence within the global organisation. As a result of this, the client was able to:

  • Establish a consistent and site-wide culture, rekindling a sense of unity among all employees.
  • Have Ireland recognised as the “culture of choice” by the group CEO, a powerful testament to the successful preservation and evolution of the site’s unique culture.
  • Replicate the action plan from Ireland across several other sites, igniting a ripple effect of positive cultural change.
  • Achieve a substantial boost in the employer brand, successfully eliminating challenges related to attracting new talent.

Brian O’Brien

Partner & Head Of
Growth Strategies

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