Growth Strategy Development

Background & the Client Challenge

The client, an award-winning provider of Technical & Customer Support services, recognised they needed to put additional structure in place across the Sales & Marketing function.

The processes, routines and behaviours underpinning a fit-for-purpose Sales structure were either not in place or not being followed in any structured way.

The CEO, a recognised industry expert, had been the de facto Sales Leader since Day 1. And this had served the business extremely well over the years.

However, the CEO recognised the need for the business to have a properly functioning Sales & Marketing team with the right people, in the right roles, doing the right things, at the right time.

The client decided to bring in 3SIXTY to work with the put the required structure in place.

What We Did

Working hand-in-hand with the CEO and the Leadership Team, we developed a shared view of where the business wanted to be in 3 years. Working back from this would help identify what was required today.

We conducted a detailed review – via a combination of workshops and one-to-one sessions – of all existing Sales & Marketing activities. This was done in order to get a clear understanding of what was working well, and where opportunities for improvement existed, in terms of routines, processes, skills and behaviours.

The client recognised they had outgrown the existing Sales & Marketing structure. They understood the need for a different approach in terms of activities, focus, and ownership. This openness to change played a key role in this engagement.

As we moved from the initial Discovery phase to an implementation phase, we continued to work closely with the CEO and the Leadership Team to ensure that any gaps we had identified were filled, while jointly ensuring the necessary structure, focus and consistency were applied rigorously across all Sales & Marketing activities.


By recognising the need to make changes in how Sales & Marketing was structured, and understanding the value of bringing in external support to make this happen, the client was able to:

  • Put in place a more efficient and effective Sales process, with much-improved structure and rigour
  • Have the new Sales structure underpinned by the right processes, routines and behaviours
  • Benefit from a fit-for-purpose Marketing structure, now delivering for the business
  • See other members of the team taking ownership for specific Sales and/or Marketing activities
  • Free-up CEO to stay focussed on higher-value Sales (and other) activities

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