Integrated Business Planning to Support Growth

Background & the Client Challenge

The client is an award-winning manufacturer, involved in the development, manufacture and sale of organic wellness products.

The client had ambitious growth plans, and recognised the need for improved visibility across their Supply Chain in order to support these plans.

The client understood the critical importance of ensuring the right level of inventory was available to meet customer demands.

With this in mind, the client decided to bring in 3SIXTY to support them in resolving these issues and ensure the business was ready to scale to meet future growth.

What We Did

Working in close collaboration with the client’s Leadership Team, we conducted a review of the existing operation, to understand the “flows” of the business.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the client had moved away from partnership with a number of high-street retailers to an ecommerce model.

Although this was the right decision for the business, the client recognised that it led to more risk and volatility entering their supply chain.

So, the client knew the question they needed to answer was “how can we reduce risk while increasing customer satisfaction?”.

Working hand-in-hand with the client, we developed an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution.

We worked together to calculate the Total Acquisition Cost of all inbound shipments to give us clarity on the actual Cost of Goods Sold, as well as the Gross Margin for each product.

In addition, we built a supply and demand platform. By mapping the demand profile by each product that the client expected to sell across the next 12–18 months, we were able to create a trigger for procurement and ensure production commenced (and finished) on time every time

This closed loop platform enables the client to do robust financial modelling for a 12-18-month horizon.


By recognising the need for increased visibility across critical areas of the business, the client was able to get to a point where they now have standardised approaches for each of the following:

  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Measuring profitability by individual part sold
  • Accurate and timely Demand Forecasting
  • Production and Supply Chain Planning
  • Accurate and timely Financial Forecasting

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