Leadership Development to Support 5-star Customer Service

Background & the Client Challenge

In the world of luxurious hospitality, our client stood as a premium, award-winning 5-star hotel

Although it had earned a global reputation for excellence, the client recognised that particular challenge persisted. Managers within the organisation, all of whom were super people, entirely dedicated to their jobs, tended to be promoted for their technical or operational expertise. Often these people subsequently found themselves in leadership roles but lacking some of the essential tools for effective people management.

The client made a decision to bring in 3SIXTY to work with them to develop the leadership capabilities of their people

What We Did

In close collaboration with the client, we conducted an assessment to identify the “ideal profile of a people manager” for the client’s business.

In alignment with the gold standards of the hotel, we crafted a bespoke leadership development programme tailored to this ideal profile.

Prior to rolling out the programme, managers conducted self-assessments and underwent peer assessments against the ideal profile. This enabled us to identify individualised learning plans for each participant. Throughout the programme, managers received continuous coaching and mentoring.


By recognising the need to give Managers additional support in order to be even more effective in their roles, the client was able to:

  • See a group of managers seamlessly transition into effective people leaders.
  • Equip this group with the ability to lead, manage, and motivate their teams, ensuring the continuous delivery of a 5-star service experience to customers.
  • Exceed the high standards the client had always set, creating an environment where excellence became a way of life (and the awards for exceptional customer service keep flowing!)
  • This transformation wasn’t just about meeting standards; it was about exceeding them and crafting an environment where excellence became a way of life.

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