Maximising Efficiency, Culture & Shareholder Value

Background & the Client Challenge

The client was a large outsourced services company which had experienced a period of significant growth in the previous 2 years.

The efficiency levels which existed simply weren’t sustainable in the size of business the client had become and some of their clients were beginning to complain that Service Levels were coming under pressure and, in some cases, being missed.

There was no single unifying culture. Culture existed in silos. More often than not, people associated themselves as working for the client company which they were supporting, as opposed to the company which actually employed them.

The Management team was constantly fire-fighting. Always under pressure trying to deal with high staff turnover and all of the associated challenges which come with this.

On top of all of this, the shareholders were thinking about how to exit so they needed to ensure the company was performing as strongly as possible.

What We Did

We conducted a full Lean/Operational review of the company in order to establish the “As Is” and then, via engagement with all relevant stakeholders (Senior Leadership Team, Management Team, Subject Matter Experts, Team Leaders, other employees) we built out what the desired future state needed to look like.

We built and rigorously tested processes across the value stream.

Next, we implemented the agreed improvements and linked these to robust KPIs.

Working with on-site “Champions”, we ensured the learnings were embedded across the business so the results would “stick” after we had left the field.

We defined and implemented “good” management and employee behaviours through a re-imagined Employee Development Programme which helped create a culture of continuous improvement.

The 3SIXTY Partner involved in this project was invited by the client CEO to sit on the Senior Leadership Team to ensure the programme was represented at the highest level and that progress was made at the required pace.


  • New processes ensured the ship was steadied and growth continued while margin was improved in existing client accounts
  • Increased management capability and adoption of new behaviours in terms of taking ownership for continuous improvement
  • 15% improvement in EBITDA
  • Client attrition was reduced
  • Founders maximised the value of their shareholdings when the business was acquired

Brian O’Brien

Partner & Head Of
Growth Strategies

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