Nurturing Leadership Excellence for Enhanced Customer Service & Growth

Background & the Client Challenge

Our client, a prominent Health Insurance provider, recognised that it was experiencing an increase in Customer Service challenges.

The client identified that these challenges were rooted in high staff turnover at manager level combined with delays in replacing these managers.

This was an organisation with a strong track record of delivering great service to customers so the client knew something needed to be done to reverse this trend.

In response to what was happening, the CEO made a decision to bring in 3SIXTY to support in the design and implementation of an improvement plan.

What We Did

Working side-by-side with the client, the first step was to clearly identify the skills and qualities needed to be a successful manager in this business. We engaged with a cross section of the client’s people and gathered their views and feedback Armed with this valuable information, we then worked with the client’s team to set up an Emerging Leaders Academy. As part of this, a comprehensive assessment process was introduced to identify emerging leaders, complemented by the implementation of a mentoring programme to foster their growth.

Together with the client we designed a Leadership Development Programme based on the key competencies and behaviours required to empower new leaders.


By recognising the need to invest in their people in order to address the Customer Service challenges it was experiencing, the client was able to:

  • Realise an impressive 80% reduction in the need to recruit externally for Managers, due to the success of the Emerging Leader Academy.
  • Significantly improve employee engagement and retention due to career progression now being seen as attainable and realistic.
  • See measurable improvements in customer service levels (tracked and measured over a 12-month period) due to improved employee engagement.

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Brian O’Brien

Partner & Head Of
Growth Strategies

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