Operational Expertise to Support Ramp Up

Background & the Client Challenge

Our client was a Government Agency on the front-line in the fight against Covid.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, contacts from service users soared, and the nature of these queries became more complex.

Contacts to the existing Staff Safety & Wellbeing lines were also growing significantly and this was resulting in key resources being diverted from managing what was then an evolving crisis.

The client made the smart decision to deploy internal resources to staff a specific a worker Helpline.

However, the team being asked to do this necessary and difficult job lacked experience of running a Contact Centre or handling contacts of this nature.

The client took the decision to bring in 3SIXTY because they knew we had extensive experience of Contact Centre/Service Centre environments. Within 48 hours, we had embedded a senior member of our team, with huge experience of similar operations, into one of the client’s service delivery centres.

The speed with which this was allowed happen was a true testament to the client, who was acutely aware that, quite literally, every day mattered.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with the client’s team, we supported in setting-up, resourcing and managing a key emergency helpline for front-line workers.

What We Did

We sat down with the client and created a joint vision of what needed to be done.

The first thing which needed to happen was to establish a baseline assessment of the team being deployed to staff the helpline. We needed to know the as-is. Where do we stand today?

Next, working as a single team, we jointly co-ordinated with the various stakeholders to structure training as well as scripts for handling contacts from service users.

To the enormous credit of the client, we established Workforce Management processes and rotas to cover what was now a 7-day/week service, and put in place daily, weekly and monthly reporting to assess SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and performance.

The client also understood the critical importance of communications in all of this. We worked together to structure daily feedback to all stakeholders to allow them see trends and issues that were impacting the Contact Centre.

Due to the fact that this was mostly new to our client’s team, the client asked us to provide ongoing coaching and development for the team as their roles evolved and became more complex (as well as stressful).

As part of this, we also worked with the client’s Operations Manager and Supervisors to help them manage appropriate Contact Centre tools.

Having made the decision to move to a remote working model, the client asked us to assess the readiness of the team to make this change, and provide a roadmap for the transition to cloud-based systems.


As a result of their proactivity, practical thinking and fast decision-making, our client was able to:

  • Prepare and train 50+ staff in a 3-day period to a level where they were ready to handle contacts from service users
  • Handle c.12,000 calls within SLA (Service Level Agreement) over an 8-week period
  • Set up and run effective daily operations calls with Management to quickly address issues of high concern, and dynamically update Agent scripts accordingly
  • Establish a detailed roadmap for transitioning the team to remote working

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