Organisational Design Review

Background & the Client Challenge

Our Client, Corporate Care Relocation (CCR) is a market leader in the mobility services space, working with the world’s largest talent relocation companies, as well as global corporate clients.

Having successfully navigated a period of significant growth, CCR recognised that it was experiencing what it identified as “growing pains”.

The CCR Leadership Team saw the existing organisational structure as an area for potential improvement.

Specifically, they were keen to ensure team structures, process workflows, spans of control, and leadership alignment were all optimised.

CCR also recognised the need for any changed structures to be scalable; any changes made needed to be able to scale to meet the company’s ambitious future growth plans, while also ensuring a focus on risk mitigation and succession planning.

Understanding the value an external perspective can add to these situations, CCR made the decision to bring in 3SIXTY.

What We Did

Working closely with the CCR Leadership Team and people from across the business, we started by jointly mapping the current state; the “as is” organisational workflows and team structures.

A key area of focus was ensuring the functional responsibility of each team was being delivered, as well as identifying operational bottlenecks – ways in which work might better flow through the business. We also looked to identify, and mitigate, single points of both success and failure.
Working hand-in-hand with CCR, we identified areas for improvement, using an approach which included assessments of all of the below areas of the business:

  • Scope of roles
  • Spans of control
  • Standardization of processes review
  • Maturity of business structures and processes
  • Process efficiency opportunities
  • Process and quality compliance
  • KPIs
  • Succession planning
  • Assessment of leadership development needs

I made the decision to bring in 3SIXTY because I knew there was a better way for us to be structured as a business. I asked the guys at 3SIXTY to look at our business in terms of how we are set up as a team, and how we do what we do. I wanted an external “health check” of the overall organisational design as well as recommendations for what we could do to be more efficient and more effective. 3SIXTY not only brought strong operational and organisational expertise, but it was clear from our work together that there was a genuine commitment to doing the right thing for our business. They delivered a practical set of solutions to allow us to realign in key areas of the business to facilitate scalable growth.

Frank Morley, Managing Director, Corporate Care Relocation


By recognising what needed to be done, and being open to bringing in external support to make this happen, CCR was able to get to a point where they had:

  • A set of readily-actionable recommendations, to improve existing team structures
  • A set of solutions for scalable workflow re-alignment, to support future growth
  • Operational team re-structuring, to support increased efficiency and order-handling volume
  • Changes to Leadership Team spans of control, to facilitate sustainable growth

Brian O’Brien

Partner & Head Of
Growth Strategies

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