Process Optimisation and Scaling for Growth

Background & the Client Challenge

Our client is one of the leading Medtech design companies in Ireland.

They design, develop and manufacture products for the Medtech sector. Working closely with their client, they develop initial prototypes and then design these products for high-volume manufacturing.

The client had a long track-record of delivering excellent service to customers.

The Management team recognised that supply chains were getting increasingly complex resulting in lost shipments, lost production slots, unnecessary overtime and late shipments to customers.

The client wanted an outside perspective on the supply chain and operational plans for a product they were developing.

The client understood the importance of ensuring all associated processes were as efficient as possible. In the client’s own words, they understood there was difference between a brilliant design, and a brilliant design which could be manufactured profitably.

So, the client decided to bring in 3SIXTY.

What We Did

The first step was to work closely with the client’s Design team to look at the robustness of the design process.

By conducting a Design for Manufacturing (DfM) review, we were able to ensure that customer demand and production schedules were tightly aligned, and products were manufactured “right first time, every time”.

Working hand-in-hand with Management and the Logistics team, we designed and implemented a robust Supply Chain and Operational Management process. This involved detailed Sales and Operational Plans (S&OP) – demand analysis, master planning techniques and financial planning, covering a 12 to 18-month period.


The client had a clear vision of what they needed to do. Working as a single team, we built an end-to-end supply chain, and eliminated cost by implementing a “last mile” logistics solution. This involved shipping product directly from the client’s facility to the end consumer globally.

  • Faster, more reliable solution with financial savings for the client, the client’s client and the end consumer. Win, Win, Win.
  • Development of direct shipments to customers globally.
  • Significantly improved oversight of Operations (S&OP, Visual Management, KPI Management).
  • Development of process-based Risk Management.
  • Development of robust Quality measurement techniques.
  • Standardised approach to the commercialisation phase of Product Development.

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