Technology Transfer to Support Growth

Background & the Client Challenge

The client is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of animal nutrition products.

Working closely with its customers globally, the client sources raw materials, manages packaging, and produces quality products to facilitate its customers’ success in markets around the world.

Our client had identified a significant growth opportunity in the US market, via a partnership with a US-based agri-food business.

The plan involved using the client’s own manufacturing process IP, in conjunction with design and development of a product for the US market.

Our client was responsible for the design and development of the manufacturing technology.

The client recognised the importance of ensuring that a robust and reliable process was transferred to the US. With this objective in mind, the client made the decision to bring in 3SIXTY.

What We Did

Working closely with the local Management team and process experts, we used the Design for Six Sigma Methodology for process design.

The initial focus was on understanding and mapping the process as it existed in Ireland, measurement of all process indicators, and development of the baseline process.

As the project involved commissioning a new plant in the US, a process approval mechanism was developed that correlated new plant and equipment in the US with the parent site in Ireland.

We worked closely with the client’s expert team to map the process effectively, review standard operating procedures, and implement a risk management plan.

We also worked with the client to develop a methodology to compare how the quality of products is measured and assessed. The local team in Ireland were insistent that what was produced by a subcontractor needed to be identical to the products made in Ireland. With this objective in mind, we worked together to develop measurement systems and assure consistency of product.

We also worked closely with the client to support the technology transfer process. This included development of master planning techniques, team management and communication platforms.


When presented with a significant growth opportunity, our client was comfortable in acknowledging the need for some external support in making it happen. As a result of this approach, our client was able to:

  • Develop best-in-class Technology and Product Transfer processes.
  • Implement Master Planning from a production planning perspective.
  • Have detailed mapping of the technology for process management and monitoring.
  • Develop process-based Risk Management techniques.
  • Develop robust methods for product testing, ensuring that all product sold globally is of the highest quality.
  • Develop a Communication platform for stakeholder management.

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