Young Microbrush Ireland

Background & the Client Challenge

Young Microbrush Ireland is the European Sales and Distribution centre for Young Innovations, global leaders in the manufacture and distribution of dental products.

The Irish site was positioning itself to more smoothly absorb future growth.

Understanding the value an external perspective can add to these situations, the General Manager made the decision to bring in 3SIXTY to help carry out a review of roles and responsibilities, as well as assessing the existing warehouse operations in terms of efficiency, with the goal of improving their already strong capabilities.

In parallel, based on the foresight and vision of the retiring General Manager, she recognised there was also a requirement for structured succession planning.

A huge amount of “tribal knowledge” had been built up by the GM, and she understood the importance of making this knowledge available to the wider business, as well as the incoming new General Manager.

What We Did

Working closely with the client team, we mapped the roles of each member of the management team, we conducted a Value Stream Map (VSM) of the order process, and completed an end-to-end review of the existing warehouse operations.

We worked with the General Manager to identify the roles and responsibilities of each team member. As part of this, we identified the “value add” and “non value add” activities associated with each role, and we jointly remapped the organisation to improve effective communication and efficiencies.

Working side-by-side with the warehouse team, we documented the “As Is” process, conducted a gap analysis against the desired future state, and developed a plan to implement change as the business expanded.

We also conducted a detailed review of the Safety & Quality policies and procedures, resulting in the development of a robust management system for each.

With the GM, we jointly developed a succession and transition plan to ensure seamless continuity of business operation, together with an effective handover plan for the new General Manager
As a result of the trust established between Young and 3SIXTY, the Vice President and Managing Director responsible for the Irish site asked 3SIXTY to support them with the sourcing and appointment of the new General Manager for the Irish site.

“3SIXTY developed a detailed understanding of our business model and processes which allowed them get to the core of our operational challenges really quickly. The areas of our operation which 3SIXTY reviewed are now more efficient. They also quickly diagnosed what we needed in terms of team structure, and roles and responsibilities and this new structure will help support our future growth. What I really liked was the respectful way in which they challenged us to look at things differently. And by putting a clear and robust succession plan in place, 3SIXTY helped ensure there was a seamless transition from our retiring General Manager to our new General Manager”

Frank Whyte, Vice President and Managing Director, Young International.


As a result of their clear understanding of what needed to be done, and their openness to bringing in external support to help make this happen, the client saw:

  • Revised Roles and Responsibilities for the full Management team
  • Significantly improved visibility of critical areas of their business
  • Enhanced role for the Warehouse Manager with new responsibilities to empower them to own all warehouse operations activities
  • Enhanced Quality and Safety Management Systems.
  • Robust transition plan for the successful handover from the retiring General Manager to the new General Manager, to ensure seamless continuity of operation
  • A skilled and experienced new General Manager sourced and appointed for the site



Brian O’Brien

Partner & Head Of
Growth Strategies

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