Staff retention in 2022, assess the mood and sentiment of staffHow often do you check in with your team? We have spoken before about the difficulties facing organisations in terms of staff retention in 2022. Finding the right people is one thing, but keeping them and making sure they’re happy at work is another more important thing entirely.

Pulse Check is a tool we use to assess the mood and sentiment of staff within an organisation. It’s results will support the design and delivery of key enhancements that will help deliver stronger engagement and better communications within the organisation.

How do we do it?

We will start by hosting workshops and 1 to 1’s with key leaders and staff in your team. From this we will design a survey based on these results allowing us to gauge the mood of your staff and gather useful insights. When that is completed, we take it away to analyse and come back to you to present the findings of the survey.

We then host listening workshops with a cross section of employees which makes sure that everyone is really being heard and listened to, not just the ones that usually speak up. This also ensures that they are part of the improvement process and supports their engagement.

What is the benefit to your Company?

You receive a comprehensive report on your teams. Included in this is:

  • A gauge of your staff culture
  • Insights into staff preferences for, and understanding of, any new model of working
  • Tools that can be incorporated to enhance staff engagement
  • Tools that can support organisational communications
  • Intelligence that will support the design of your new model of working

3SIXTY will work with your team to unlock the collective power of your staff and support increased productivity. This will result in high levels of engagement in a culture of appreciation and wellbeing that will enhance the customer experience.

As hiring managers break away from compensation-based competition in the War on Talent, organisations must develop processes to keep a regular check on the job satisfaction of staff. Organisations who embrace this opportunity will see improved cultures that will attract and retain the best people while delivering stronger performance and profitability.

Team cohesion and company culture are critical to success. Without these in place it will be all but impossible to deliver the level of customer satisfaction your company will need to meet your growth ambitions. It is time to embrace the chance to change for the better and to listen to your team in the design of the model of work that works for you all.


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