Show me the Money! We all know and remember that phrase! And for us, our ‘Show me the Money’ moments are our Case Studies.

At 3SIXTY, we’re proud to be able to say we have a wealth of examples to demonstrate how much we’re helping a diverse range of companies every day. So if you want to find out how we achieved the equivalent of an extra month’s worth of production for a leading global Pharma company, you’re in the right place.

This month we’re showing how you can do more with less. The first part of the year is an ideal time to sit back, take stock and see where you want to go.

No company can succeed unless its People and Processes are running well and this Case Study really tells that story.

A Client, one of Ireland’s leading pharmaceutical companies wanted to support rapid growth on their packaging lines in one of their facilities. So they engaged us to review the manufacturing throughput system and help them identify the process improvements required to increase the annual output of the lines.

This was vital because whatever improvements were made could then be transferred to other packaging lines.

Our Lean/Six Sigma Master Black Belts moved in and immediately started DMAIC or Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control.

To begin we Defined the problem by working with the client team to develop the Project Charter and high level process maps to help better understand the challenge.

The MEASURE and ANALYSE phases were focused on Processes.

We started MEASURE by taking detailed process mapping and value stream mapping of their high-speed suite. We reviewed all set-up, process inputs, process outputs and inventory movement across their suite and this allowed us to build a detailed understanding of their lines.

Next was ANALYSE where we reviewed all data sources along with interrogating the calculations used to measure equipment set up and downtime. We drew up a detailed understanding of downtime codes and this allowed us to prioritise issues and resolve the most critical first.

For the IMPROVE phase, we focused on People. We workshopped solutions with several on-site teams – Engineering, Manufacturing & Quality. This was vital to developing a consensus based approach to problem solving and getting people behind the project.

And for CONTROL we built on that consensus by working with the client team, ensuring that all procedures were documented, all personnel retrained and a refined process for ‘end-to-end’ production was implemented.

We achieved a lot but the most important element was that it would stick and continue to yield results. We succeeded in sustaining this vital initiative through Lean Green Belt training of resources as well as the implementation of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and standard work practices within the facility.

  • 3SIXTY reviewed and took stock of their existing procedures, had deep consultations with employees and the Results speak for themselves:
  • A reduction in equipment downtime from 16% to 4%
  • An improved line output of 8% – this was the equivalent of giving this company a 13th month of additional annual production
  • The setting up of standardised work practices
  • Focus on change and improvement toward Leader Standard Work
  • The development of Statistical Process Control for Leading Indicators to allow greater control over production processes
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training
  • The creation of Visual Management Techniques (SQDCP boards) to better display KPIs, Targets, and Overall Delivery

Our experience is sometimes companies can be too close to their Processes and People to do this level of audit. But when they do take stock, the savings and improvement can be substantial. If you’d like to find out more about how you can do more with less, contact our Partner & Head of Coffee Conversations Brian O’Brien to book a consultation or call 086 173 9551

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