Emily Blennerhassett outlines the six questions you need to ask for sales success.

Achieving successful sales growth requires a multifaceted approach but with a clearly defined vision, implementation plan and sales and marketing strategy it is achievable.

All too often we have seen a trend of businesses getting to a certain level before hitting a plateau where they struggle to achieve that next level growth that will build revenue.

Sales success ultimately depends on a high performing sales team and today we are looking at a number of questions that should help your team operate at the highest level.

Do you have a Diverse Sales Team in your company?

A 2021 study conducted by Forrester for LinkedIn asked if sales teams with leading DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) practices are more effective. The answer was a resounding yes. Read more about the study here.

Do you foster a Culture of Accountability in the company?

In order to achieve this, teams need clarity about their purpose and need leaders to display commitment both to each other and their teams. Do your teams display commitment to success? Do they go the extra mile?

Are your Sales Team aligned with the Company Vision & Strategic Plan?

Having everyone on the same page is imperative for success. Leaders need to communicate the company’s vision with clarity and convince teams that their contribution will help to achieve it. High performing sales teams display big picture thinking, while also achieving their personal goals and objectives. Sales teams are absolutely goal oriented and involving them in setting those goals can be a huge motivating factor in their success.

Are you sales team intrinsically motivated?

High performers generally have a built-in drive irrespective of external motivators. They are committed to succeeding, so rewarding and celebrating that success can help team members feel valued and motivated.

Is there Trust & Social Capital within the Team?

Do your sales team members elevate each other? While a team is made up of individuals, a high-performance team works together to ensure business objectives are achieved. Building trust and social capital within a team cultivates a culture of success.

Is there a culture of psychological safety within the company?

Do people feel safe speaking up when they feel they need to, and do they feel valued within the business?

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