In business, as in life, change is inevitable. It is needed to support growth and to achieve strategic goals and with that in mind you would think we would be used to it and good at managing it, when in truth we often are not.

Where most organisations fall down when it comes to change management is in the preparation, the communication, and the understanding of the real and varied impacts of the change.
How you communicate change and deal with staff fears is vital to the both the preparation for, and the outcome of, any change programme. As a business owner you need to identify and recognise the areas of change over which you can have influence and control.

When starting any journey of change it is important to recognise your Circle of Influence. What are the things you can impact positively by being prepared and thoughtful, or negatively by being unprepared or neglectful? In 3SIXTY we are experts in the psychology of change, utilising a framework that supports clients in developing an action plan for its implementation.

Our approach allows us to work with your team to assess the impact of the change you are planning. As a collective we will build an appreciation of how we’re naturally wired to resist change and use the Change

Curve to illustrate the three phases we can all expect to go through on the journey.

  • Ending: You need to identify who is losing what, expect a reaction, and acknowledge the losses openly.
  • Transition: Here, people feel disoriented. Motivation falls and anxiety rises. It is important to ensure that people recognise the neutral zone and treat it as part of the process.
  • New Beginnings: These cannot be planned and predicted, but they can be encouraged, supported, and reinforced.

Our role is to identify where people are in the three phases and help these individuals work through the transition quickly and easily, bearing in mind that everyone in the team will be different.

From this work we will develop an Action Plan for implementing the change. A solid plan will manage expectations, will understand that resistance is normal and it will expect the unexpected. Once prepared, it is vital to have an effective communications plan in place to ensure that all the team are as aware as they need to be of progress, roadblocks, and next steps.
3SIXTY will work closely with you to support your team in designing and delivering this approach to change management. Using our successful framework, we will be able to build a project suited specifically to your business with your people at the heart. Our aim is to walk this journey alongside our clients in partnership, an approach that has allowed us deliver exceptional results.

Change can be difficult, but we can help you through. If you would like to learn more about our work and to arrange for a coffee conversation, please get in touch buy following this link –

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