sales skills to achieve growthAll companies want to grow, and most companies have a view on where they want to get to, but once the conversation moves from high-level concept to something resembling a plan of execution, we find that many struggle with the action needed.

This can lead to sales activities being ad hoc, inconsistent, and lacking in focus and applies as much to a 25-person company as to a 200-person SME or larger organisation.

A clear plan is required to move your sales efforts to a point where there is structure, focus and consistency. That clear plan needs to be understandable and communicable.

This is always important but especially so when you have called out a growth number for your business and need everyone to row in behind it.

Key to successfully delivering on this growth plan is having the right mix of sales skills on the team. To tweak Marshall Goldsmith slightly, “What got you here won’t necessarily get you there” – a critical step in your path to growth is ensuring your sales team is right-sized and right-skilled for the next phase.

At 3SIXTY, when we work with clients on growth strategies, we follow a simple three-step framework: discover, design, deliver.

Discover is where we understand what skill gaps (if any) exist in your team that may hamper the delivery of future growth. Having somebody independent conduct this exercise can be quite useful as it can be completed without any emotional baggage and no attachment to ‘how things have always been done.’

Design is where we work with your team to build out an actionable growth plan (including KPIs), specific to your business and your growth ambitions, based on what we will have learned at the discover stage.

And finally, the third step, deliver, is where we support and mentor your people to execute the plan and ensure that what has been agreed during the discover and design stages is being delivered.

Our experts have supported companies of all shapes and sizes to achieve their growth ambitions. A key part of our work with these clients involves building capacity within existing sales teams to improve performance.

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