We ask this question of every company we speak with; are you making the best of use of the data that exists in your business today? Most companies are not. With the technology that is available today businesses of all sizes can start getting real value from their existing data.

This can be in the form of simple visualisations/dashboards which give business leaders a real-time view on the key metrics in their business. This alone can be a hugely powerful step for any business leader to take.

Beyond this, utilising the data that exists across your business will enable more informed decision making in general, leading to better outcomes. Companies can use the Enterprise Ireland Digitalisation Voucher to review key performance data that is currently used to drive the business and identify gaps and improvement opportunities.

Case Study

The client was an Irish business. Every month, the month end report always contained “surprises”. 3SIXTY worked with the client to understand the key strategic objectives for the organisation and correlate those to the true leading indicators.

By analysing data early in the process and monitoring the appropriate KPIs, we were able to help the client significantly improve their decision-making process. And remove those month-end “surprises”!

We did this by –

  • Identifying leading and lagging KPIs for the business (with the KPIs linked directly to the overall strategic goals)
  • Examining data collection techniques and the frequency data is collected
  • Analysing data with constant reference to KPIs (linking strategy to operations on a daily basis)
  • Using data analytics to predict future trends
  • Understanding and utilising leading and lagging indicators
  • Developing reaction plans based on what the data analysis identified

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