We see this every day. Externally, companies are under increasing pressure to deliver better/faster/cheaper for customers. Internally, there is a pressure to ensure that our people have the right tools to communicate seamlessly and do their jobs as effectively as possible. Our clients are stressed about how to do this. By working with us we have helped them overcome these challenges.

As part of the expertise and partnership we bring our clients we have proven that digital adoption is a key step in ensuring companies don’t fall behind. A critical first step – before any new system can even be considered – is ensuring all of your internal processes are as efficient as possible.

You can use the Enterprise Ireland Digitalisation Voucher to work with us to review your current operational processes and systems and identify improvement opportunities which will add real value to your business.

Central to this is eliminating all waste from existing processes. The result is easier, faster processes, supported by digital systems where appropriate, based on the specific needs of your business. This operational review can involve processes from any/all business functions from Production, Logistics and Product Development to Sales, HR and Finance.

Case Study

The client was an Irish business which had gone through a period of significant change. Processes which had previously been fit-for-purpose were no longer working. This was leading to a range of quality and productivity issues for the business. The client knew the business could be more efficient with its existing level of resources.

3SIXTY worked with the client to map and improve all processes across the business. Ultimately 3SIXTY identified where value was being created (and where cost and effort were being added) within the process. The output of this exercise was lean/improved processes across the business. These new standardised processes delivered improved quality, improved customer satisfaction and increased productivity for the client.

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