Customer expectations have risen hugely in recent years and this trend shows no sign of slowing. Customers expect it be easy to find information about your business and interact with you.

They want to do it at a time that suits them and using their preferred channel. SMEs can sometimes feel that this mindset only applies to customers of large organisations.

SMEs can harness the power of Digital to see the same improvements as larger organisations – increased revenue opportunities, new routes to market and a better experience for customers.

Companies can use the Enterprise Ireland Digitalisation Voucher to work with us to review existing product/service channels and identify areas where a well-delivered digital customer experience can bring real value-adding improvements.

This review can include assessing all customer touchpoints from sales, digital marketing strategy, customer service and competitor analysis in relation to their approach to digital, among other areas. All companies need to be regularly asking themselves “am I making it as easy as possible for customers to find and interact with our business?

Case Study

The client was an Irish business in what could be described as a “traditional” sector. The client’s Sales & Marketing activities were quite narrow in focus with little to no digital activity. 3SIXTY worked with the client to put in place a practical step-by-step strategy to broaden their Sales & Marketing activities and embrace digital as a key part of their efforts.

As part of this engagement, we conducted a full review of all existing Sales & Marketing activities and identified a number of new initiatives to be incorporated into the wider effort. This included defining customer personas and developing a content strategy around these, a strong focus on building awareness via LinkedIn and the identification of channel partners.

As part of our work with this client, we also helped get the Sales team comfortable with (and using!) MS Teams in a way it had not been utilised previously. We also identified a range of training/development requirements across the business to help accelerate adoption of the new Sales & Marketing activities, particularly the digital elements.

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